1. Mechanical (a license to reproduce and distribute copyrighted musical compositions on records or tapes and some digital formats)
  2. Synchronization (a license to synchronize the musical composition with a visual image for film, tv, video, etc.)
  3. Print (agreement to reproduce a musical composition in sheet music, band arrangement, folio, book or fakebook for commercial sale at stores or online)
  4. Performing Rights (small rights including non-dramatic live or recorded public performances on television, radio, concerts and other surveyed media including the internet)
  5. Grand Rights (theatrical and non-theatrical)
  6. Samples (an agreement to incorporate a portion of an original musical composition into a “new” composition).
  7. Permissions (schools and non-profit organizations)

A. MECHANICAL (records & ringtones) please provide our licensing agents, The Harry Fox Agency (USA) or CMRRA (Canada) the following information:

  1. song title, writers, & publisher

  2. artist

  3. record label name and address

  4. record number & album title

  5. timing of the song

  6. release date

Our licensing agents provide online mechanical license forms or you may contact them by telephone or fax to request a form. You can reach our licensing agents at:

for USA licenses 
The Harry Fox Agency, Inc.
711 Third Avenue, 8th floor
New York, New York 10017
tel: 212 370-5330
fax: 646-487-5330 

for Canadian licenses 
Canadian Musical Reproductions Rights Agency Ltd. (CMRRA)
56 Wellesley Street West #320
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2S3
tel: 416 926-1966
fax: 416 926-7521

For all other countries, sample use or special requests, please contact us via

B. SYNCHRONIZATION (film, tv, theater, commercials, audio visual productions). A synchronization license grants the right to reproduce the musical composition only. A separate license will need to be obtained from the master rights owner (record company) to use a master recording. When you contact us, please provide the following information:

  1. Song title and writer(s)
  2. Production company name, address, telephone, fax, email and contact name
  3. Brief synopsis of the production (not necessary for music videos)
  4. Describe the scene(s) in which the music is played (background, featured, vocal, instrumental etc.)
  5. Song duration and number of uses
  6. Territory
  7. Term
  8. Media (free, cable or pay tv; video/dvd; theatric/non-theatric)
  9. Theater: please include seating capacity, ticket price, and if a limited run also add opening and closing dates

You may reach us directly via

or our agent:
Barbara Brunow
29241 Fountainwood Street
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
phone: 818 707-2802
fax: 818 706-2885 email: 

C. PRINT – please contact us for a print license via:

or fax: 201 969-0790

D. PERFORMING RIGHTS – please see each publishing company below for their performing rights society affiliation:

Afrique Music BMI

Bi-Circle Music BMI

Brother Hubbard Music Co. BMI

Dalto Music BMI

Dillard Music BMI

Hubtones Music Co. BMI

Jeruvian Music ASCAP

Jillean Music BMI

Jodax Music Co. BMI

John Oscar Music ASCAP

JVA Publishing Co. ASCAP

Kae-Lyn Music BMI

Kendoray Music BMI

Mulligan Publishing Co., Inc. ASCAP

Nella Publishing BMI

Pepeza Music BMI

Pork Pie Music BMI

Pril Music BMI

Rowser Music BMI

Semenya Music BMI

Taggie Music Co. BMI

Turbine Music BMI

Upam Music Co. BMI

Zawinul Music BMI

Click on Catalogs & Songwriters to view song titles for each above publisher. You can reach the performing rights organizations directly at:


or by telephone
Atlanta (404) 261-5151
London 011-44 207486 2036
Los Angeles (310) 659-9109
Miami (305) 266-3636
Nashville (615) 401-2000
New York (212) 586-2000
Puerto Rico (787) 754-6490


or by telephone or fax
Chicago Tel: (773) 394-4286 Fax: (773) 394-5639
London Tel: 011-44-207-439-0909 Fax: 011-44-207-434
Los Angeles Tel: (323) 883-1000 Fax: (323) 883-1049
Miami Tel: (305) 673-3446 Fax: (305) 673-2446
Nashville Tel: (615) 742-5000 Fax: (615) 742-5020
New York Tel: (212) 621-6000 Fax: (212) 724-9064
Puerto Rico Tel. (787) 281-0782

E. GRAND RIGHTS: To license the public performance of the musical composition in a dramatic work such as for theater (Broadway, off-Broadway) or in a scripted show that has a plot and scenery, please contact us at


F. SAMPLES: To request a sampling agreement for the use of an original musical composition incorporated into a “new” composition, contact us via

and please provide the following information:

  1. Original Composition:
  • Title, authors and publishers of original musical work
  • Artist and recording company sampled
  • A short description of the use of the original work in the new title.
  1. New Composition:
  • Title, authors, publishers and performing rights societies, if known, of new work.
  1. Future Release Information:
  • Artist, label, catalog number and format (album, single, etc.)
  • Projected release date and territory
  • Please submit a recording of the “new” composition and provide a lyric sheet if available. Please contact the owner of the master, usually the record company, for the right to use the recording.

G. PERMISSIONS: For schools and non-profit organizations requesting permission to photocopy music, please first confirm with print publisher that the arrangement is no longer available for purchase. Requests should be made at least two weeks prior to your deadline.

Band contests: Fax the form provided by the contest to 201 969-0790.

Other uses: either fax 201 969-0790 or

the following information on letterhead:

  1. Song title and writer(s)
  2. Specify your request (photocopy music and/or lyrics only, reprint lyrics)
  3. Printed arrangements: include print publisher’s name and arranger
  4. Event name, type and date of event and venue
  5. School/non-profit name, your name, address, telephone, fax, and email




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